About Hauger

The Hauger Brand Story

Time flies. Sometimes you lose track of it. At other times, you run out of it. You can kill it. Try to save it. Squander it on mindless things. But you can’t own it. Or stop it. Once you’ve spent it you can never get it back. Time may be free, but it’s also priceless. A precious gift. Every second of your life is a new opportunity, a fresh start and a step into the unknown. Thin lines on your wrist separating beginnings from endings. That’s why Hauger exists. A brand forged by the passing of seasons, nights and days for people who value quality of time and high quality timepieces. We embrace time and make the most of it. So should you. We’re a constant reminder of the time that was given to you. Decide what to do with it. Make time worthwhile.

The Hauger Dash Concept

Imagine your tombstone. Look closely at those carvings. You were born and then you died. A time span that doesn’t tell anything about who you were and what you did in life. Everything that has a beginning has an ending. It’s
an indisputable truth. What matters to you is the time in between, the tiny dash that separates birth from death. When all is said and done that dash will define you. It represents all your time and everyone that made your time on this mote of dust worthwhile. As a reminder of the limits of time, just look at your Hauger watch every once in a while. A Hauger watch tells the most important story of all, the story of you. Only you can play the leading role. Spend your time doing what you love. Make every dash count.